Street Noise 3 – Ariah

I met Ariah at the Sidewalk Cafe (or is it just called Sidewalk?) a couple weeks ago. She took me around LES playing a few different songs, eventually running into Vincent skating around a basketball court in ABCity. Outside a record shop on 5th or 6th, we stopped for a few minutes and got existential. Here’s the result-



for more, check out her bandcamp

Street Noise 2 – Vincent Ivos

Vincent Ivos is the kind of guy you could make a movie about. In fact, somebody already did. Google his name and you get results from soundcloud to the New York Times. We met up a Washington Square Park where he had already tore his hand open skating with some kids he just met. We walked over to some NYU buildings and he did a poem he just finished writing (NEW SHIT). For more Vincent, click here


Street Noise 1 – Elsa Hiraldo

I met Elsa at the Nuyorican Open Mic Monday. She wanted to do this poem to a song, so we went to my car and hooked her phone up to the stereo, so most of the music you hear is actually coming from the car. We thought it was a cool pose in there anyway (even if the lighting wasn’t ideal). Listen to the way she speaks.


Welcome to The Street Noise Project. I suppose i’m welcoming myself too. We are here.

Taking art off the stage into real life. We are not zoo animals. We are next to you on the subway.

Horns, basketballs, rain, sirens and big air conditioning units. No photoshop, no bleach, no make-up.

A few cheesy effects.

Raise your voice and praise the noise.