Sean Flinn @ The Music Inn

I was with Polina heading to the Music Inn to record a couple tunes for her episode and when we got there, we saw a group of people outside hanging out and playing guitar. We walked in to set up but eventually put it on hold and went outside to see what was going on.  It turned out to be some members of the band Sean Flinn and the Royal We from Portland, Oregon . They were on a summer tour and spending the day after their show at Rockwood relaxing in the Village, making music on the street. Here’s Sean playing “Salt That’s In Our Blood” from the album Write Me A Novel, available for purchase here


T.V. on the Internet

T.V. from FL is chill. Check her delivery. A lot of spoken word artists think that the louder you shout, the more meaningful your words are, which is what makes a poet like T.V. so important. She takes on her heritage, her family, interracial relations often with a wistful detachment that makes a lot of sense to me. Here she covers everything in a poem we shot in the 6BC garden to E. 6th street.

T.V. has no online presence, but asks that you support her at and catch her at an open mic in LES sometime.


A Day With Polina – Shoot Recap

Meet Polina. I love her so much, i’m going to make a whole episode about her. We spent the entire day shooting all over the West Side, stopping only so she could get to her gig at the Path Cafe. Hopefully i’ll get it all put together by the end of the month so y’all can fall in love with her too. Until then, check her out at her websiteScreen Shot 2014-08-02 at 3.06.10 AMIMG_6334Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 3.26.22 AMScreen Shot 2014-08-02 at 3.15.23 AMIMG_6342

Stage Noise: Yung Jay And Jay Chavo

I know, i’m breaking the rules already, but when you meet Yung Jay (12) and Jay Chavo (10), things change. I saw these two cyphering out on the sidewalk in line for the Nuyoican Open Mic Monday and asked if i could film them. There’s more of that coming up in TSNP Ep. 2, but for now, here’s their performance on stage from that night. I didn’t have my mic and the low light and wretched focus make it seem like i’m shooting with a camcorder, but whatever, just watch these young emcees set it off.