Teaser: Mr. Outtasite

Mr. Outtasite is a blind rapper who lives in a shelter for the disabled in lower Manhattan. He lost his sight while serving a lengthy prison sentence upstate where his glaucoma went untreated. Now he spends every day working the hip-hop scene and practicing stand-up comedy. Here’s a preview of something bigger coming out later.


A Day With: Polina

Polina’s entire life comes gushing out of her eyes when she talks to you, and it fills the room and the world around you. That’s Polina’s world, and it operates at a different speed. It’s a world of Go and Yes and Now, with not a lot of room for Later and Maybe and Stop. We spent 5 or 6 hours together where she was playing song after song and when i was exhausted and headed home, she stayed out to play a gig at the Path CafĂ©. I had barely told her about my website, i mentioned that i run a something and was wondering if she might like to- And i was cut off. “Yes. Send me an email. Let’s do it.”

So we did it. It’s hard to film somebody when you just want to dance. I was constantly stopping myself from bopping up and down while she was playing. Dig her tunes, cause i sure do. Dig her vibe, dig her voice, dig her chops, she plays with heavy strings on a Martin and doesn’t take breaks because she’s got a destination in her head and she’s gonna play until she gets there.

Check her out at her bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook, and keep an eye out for her shows if you’re in the NYC or Cleveland areas.