Street Noise: Real T@lk

After a pretty electric Open Mic Monday at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, a crowd gathered outside where people who didn’t get a chance to perform were starting their own open mic. Real T@lk (AKA Brandon Williams) is an emcee/poet from Chicago. He was starting cyphers outside all afternoon, banging beats with bare hands on metal trash cans, spitting bars at passing cars and the crowd on the street. But at the end of the night, he still had more to say.

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Professor Righteous

Professor Righteous is here to teach you about poetry, New York, racial injustice, the music industry and New Jack Swing. A lot of his work is meta- dealing with how issues interact with the poetry medium, and the artist’s role in what’s happening. Some of his work is just about himself: “My favorite veggie is broccoli,” he says in the poem featured in the video, before listing more facts about himself.

It was the Professor who picked this location. When i first asked him, he said he’d like to find a housing project so we walked a bit and found a patio area outside the entrance of the comity center at Avenue D, and began shooting. His voice and his words were caught up in the tall brick half-hexagon we found ourselves in, bouncing off metal and coming from the windows. Professor Righteous doesn’t need a stage. As he says “I don’t need back up singers, i don’t need to do a 360 degree spin, i don’t need to walk on the moon, i don’t need a pretty young thing.” He doesn’t need all that. He’s just a poet.

You can find his new book “Can’t Be Soul(ed) Out” at