Triz + Zen

So the thing i really like is a good collaboration. I mean, i usually even like a bad collaboration. One of the keys to innovation is sticking two different things together and seeing what they make. An acoustic guitar and hip hop bars aren’t two completely different things, but they’re different enough, and when they come together, it always feels special to me.

Zen Anton, an acoustic singer-songwriter, and Triz, a rapper from Staten Island, met at an open mic and liked each others sound, so they came together and created a new song based on Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” which in itself was apparently based on Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down.”

We met up before Wildfire Open Mic in Brooklyn last Monday and did a couple takes of the song, one outside a bar under the J•M, and another inside the bodega on the corner of Broadway and Hooper st. I couldn’t decide which one i liked more, so i used both.


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