TSNP Presents: A Very Noisy Valentines Day with Kelsi Candelaria

It’s Kelsi’s first Northeast Winter, Winter with a capital W. She’s from Gainesville Florida and has basically never seen snow before, so naturally i took her out on the coldest, snowiest day of the year to shoot her song “Valentine” for the upcoming Hallmark Holiday. While focusing and fretting bare-handed, we were only able to shoot for about two minutes at a time, and were only able to get each part of the song once before we had to run for the nearest cafe where Kelsi swallowed an especially large cup of coffee or chai or something before i was done waiting for my hot chocolate to cool down.

All this to say that in defense of the shakiness and poor audio, it was under very unpleasant conditions and below 20 degrees on the banks of a very large river, it gets exceeding difficult to point and focus a camera and do all those other things that under normal conditions i would “take the time” to do.. Kelsi, being far tougher than i am, still managed to play a beautiful song of hers, albeit in tiny little pieces.

In addition to being an incredibly talented musician and songwriter, she has in her head an impressive database of music knowledge from fun. to Fats Domino who i had just figured was a pizza chain mascot.

You can check out her super cool new music video here, and buy her musicĀ here