Mike Mineo Hails A Cab

Mike Mineo – Scene 1

I was at the QAS Wednesday Night Showcase at The Late Late on Houston when i was introduced to Mike Mineo. He had been in the city for about a week, having just relocated from South Florida and had already found himself a stage. After the first few notes, my phone was out, safari open, trying to figure out who this guy really was, convinced i had a celebrity in my midst, like somebody was about to lean over to me and say, “Do you who that is?? That’s Mike Mineo!!” Nobody leaned over though, and my internet search culminated in a brief wikipedia entry detailing the career of a moderate local success in Delray Beach.

I watched the rest of the set with my mouth slack, ended whatever conversation i was having so i could gawk at the fluidity of his fingers, the pickless strumming and noodling, the emotive delivery and goofy effortless vocal improvisation. I had found what i was looking for.

We talked after the set and i found an incredibly friendly and happy-to-be-here young man with his equally bubbly fiancée, two excited floridians thrilled to be in NYC.  He said yes before i even finished explaining. 

So the next week we met up in Union Square, and while i housed a lamb gyro, we had a quick brainstorm about where to shoot, eventually deciding to head down to Washington Square Park. 

I thought it would be cool to take a taxi down there. 

There’s more on the way from this talented sum’bitch- this is just us on the way to the shoot. 

It’s called “Mike Mineo Hails A Cab or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Buy A Wide Lens

Technical Notes: This whole thing was a technical disaster, and all part of the process of me getting better at what i do, or maybe finally learning to put more thought into these things before hand. My unpreparedness led to me shooting inside a dark taxi with an 8-stop ND filter screwed onto a 24mm lens (not including crop), resulting in more grain and less frame than i had in mind. But with Mike on a tour-cation around the eastern seaboard for the month, followed by my european sojourn in September, an October re-shoot is more unpleasant to me than releasing a jacked-up video of a guy killing it in the back of a cab. So, there.

Tatyana Kalko @ The Chipped Cup, West Harlem

In the back garden at The Chipped Cup in West Harlem, Tatyana runs an extension cord along the wall, out the door, all the way to a small black amplifier tucked away in a corner. She plays acoustic guitar, but loves her Fender above all else. The backyard of the cafe is manhattan-sized, but feels bigger than it is, maybe because of the enormous mirror tucked behind tables and plants against a wall, maybe because of all the nooks and whatnot, and you could almost pretend to be in a smaller town like Asheville or Burlington were it not for the word “HARLEM” painted in enormous letters along the back wall, or the building walls around you, going up and up to a height that’s short in Manhattan, towering anywhere else.

Tatyana writes a song that can play in your head all day, the kind of tune you find yourself humming days later without realizing it at first. Then you say, “wait, what is this song?” and then you say, “Oh, yeah! I like that tune.”

Hailing from Belarus, and raised on her father’s classic rock albums, Tatyana is focused on her work, putting out her first EP on November 23rd. In her words, ” It’s going to be an electronic/acoustic dance record about falling in love, dealing with the past and becoming a better partner.”

But she sounds like she’s an alright partner from this song, “Tip of my Tongue,” that she played beautifully on the first take. Take a look at her soundcloud page for more music.