Street Noise Eerieland Halloween Special: Sive

It was a full moon in Dubin, Eerieland (i mean, i think it was), and i was wandering around an old graveyard with Sive, who honestly isn’t that spooky of a companion but seems like she would make a terrific ghost someday, based on how haunting her songs can be.
It was a place she knew behind Whelan’s on Camden Row. We walked over and found a walled-in church courtyard. There were some old ruins in the middle and headstones around the edges, and then us, with a camera and a guitar and a real creepy vibe. Deadly.
I’d met Sive at the Stag’s Head the week before where she played some music with Niall Thomas and Tony Mc Loughin (The Young Folk) who have a weekly Monday night appearance there. Her music immediately made me think of the small, hidden parts of the city – i imagined her playing in a dark cramped alley in the middle of the night. For the most part, her songs are not as chilling as this one, and we filmed a few that were fun and peppy, some that were airy and light, and then some darker ones. Her sound can cover a lot of ground and she has the voice and the style to adapt to more than a few different moods.

But here we were, standing by graffiti of cartoon devils on crumbling stone walls over old graves, so we couldn’t exactly just do Taylor Swift covers. Sive had just the song. Don’t believe me, just watch.
After she finished playing “By The Shore” in the old church graveyard, we were told to leave (by a man who appeared out of nowhere), so we walked around the corner to go for a pint at Whelan’s, Dublin’s famous rock pub, host of Damien Rice, Mumford and Sons, the Frames and every other amazing act that’s been in town. We headed up to what i call the smoking attic, an open air brick room with a covered roof upstairs between two stages. It’s always a great spot for a pint and a song. Thus, our break turned into another shoot.

We did a lot of great work and i’ll be posting a couple of the more upbeat ones soon because they are stick-in-your-head good, but for this extra special holiday, i wanted to share these two minor melodies.


Gráinne Hunt and The Liffey

Gráinne (Gron-ya) Hunt is one of Dublin’s finest songstresses, and i was very fortunate to be able to get a day of shooting in with her before she left to support Glen Hansard on a brief European tour. We met at The Monday Echo, a weekly performance showcase run by Aidan Murphy at MVP on Upper Clanbrassil Street. Upstairs in the pub, in a wooden room full of booths and pillows on the floor to sit on, Gráinne played some gorgeous tunes and we decided to get together and make some movies.

It took a whole lot of walking around to find a place with the right vibe. The canal didn’t feel right. A gorgeous vine covered alley behind Camden Street felt flat. It wasn’t until Gráinne suggested that we go to the top of the Stephen’s Green car park that we started making a bit of the magic. From there, we went to Stephen’s Green itself, and just as dusk was setting in, we found ourselves on the Liffey, just before Beckett Bridge, and i asked that she play my favorite song of hers, “Lilacs.” It’s the kind of song you might put on repeat one night ( i already have) when you have too many feelings.

There’ll be more, but for now, here is Gráinne Hunt playing “Lilacs” on the quays just after dusk.

Mr. Outtasite – PART 2

I’ve spent the past year following the life of a blind rapper from Harlem and putting together a short documentary series about him. This TSNP Mini-Series will, with any luck, be the first of many. Enjoy Part 2 of Mr. Outtasite.