Michael Persall

A year ago, Michael Persall decided to play 300 shows in 2015. As it turns out, he hit 300 pretty quickly, so at some point around September he upped it to 400. I never said he was lazy. At the end of December, he played his 400th show at Rockwood Music Hall. I was there. It was great.

I met him somewhere around 225, at the Nuyorican. I’d seen him play before at the the Path Café, but hadn’t had a chance to meet him yet. We talked for a while in line before sign-ups on E. 3rd St, and i learned about his resolution. The 400 number included open mics, showcases, booked gigs, basically anything that was him playing guitar in front of people that didn’t know him. Some nights during the week, he’d regularly play at three different spot, from Midtown to Williamsburg, and he’d be out between 6-7 nights a week, every week, for the whole year.

His performance is always impeccable. He’s a machine. He’s a jukebox that only plays Michael Persall and Amy Winehouse. He writes modern rock with heavy 50’s and 60’s influence in the form of a catchy pop tune, with a strong silky voice and impressive range.

We met up at Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar on 29th and 2nd one night. He played a few songs inside, and then we went around the corner to film one outside. 

If you dig it, he has a residency with his band this February at Pianos in LES – every Wednesday night at 10.

For non-locals, check out his website, www.michaelpersall.com 

Keyke The Girl

Keyke is a girl, and that might be all we need to know. However, my affinity for verbosity prohibits me from leaving it at that, so:

Keyke is a girl and sometimes her hair changes colors and sometimes she makes up songs while she’s singing them and sometimes she plays in the East Village and that’s where i first saw her. She made up most of the songs on the spot. It’s a variety of spontanaeity rarely seen in the music world, and a demonstration of artistry that i found pretty impressive. And cool. Phat. Deadly.

Keyke makes a ton of her own videos, and they are also phat.

There was an idea i had that didn’t work. Well, i wanted to put her on a carousel. I got the idea from the Q train on the Manhattan bridge. I kept seeing that carousel by the river and i wanted to put her on it and have her play a song.  So we went all the way there and saw that the carousel was mobbed and as we stared at it revolving over the hills of Brooklyn, Keyke pointed out that it would be blasting carousel music as well, which is something i never thought of in the two months i had been planning it.

So, as usual, when my initial plans didn’t work out, we just walked around for a while until we found some stairs in a wall. It was perfect.

She sat down and played a song about being a girl/woman/human/alien.

She’s not like everybody else.

Find more at keykethegirl.com