Dublin Culture Night

I was in Dublin for Culture night in September, and my friends Johnny and Lewis invited me to come along with them. Their duties were to entertain passengers on short bus tour of North City Centre. The stops included Croke Park, Parnell Square, the GPO and the like.

I knew Johnny Rayge (‘Jonathan Armas McGlinn’ as a person and poet) from when i lived in Dublin years ago. He ran (and continues to run) an artists showcase called Dublin’s Underground Beat on Wednesdays in the basement of the International Bar. It’s where i first performed live hip-hop, and the TV show they made about that showcase was a major inspiration for TSNP. You can check that out HERE.

Lewis Kenny is a new friend, we just met on my last trip, and honestly, all i know about him is that he’s a sound dude, and a super talented wordsmith.

You can find Johnny Rayge HERE Jonathan Armas McGlinn HERE and Lewis HERE

In honor of Irish Mother’s Day, which is today, i present you: