5J Barrow

5J Barrow is the band that makes you stop what you’re doing and stare. That’s what i did the first time i saw them at an art-share party on St. Marks Pl. There were about 60 or 70 of us in a circle around Jason and Eryn, stomping, singing and banging strings. 60 or 70 people stopped and stared.

Their music is everything i want music to be. Energetic, evocative, unfiltered and beautiful. In an age of autotune and quantization, top 10 charts without any real instruments on them, 5J Barrow is the cure. I still haven’t seen them with their full band, only as a duo, but they get a bigger sound with two people than should be possible. With dynamics that range from a whisper to a tsunami, their songs tell stories of love, loss and longing. Their songs remind you of feelings that you lost track of. They take you to a place and leave you there without a ride.

The band was conceived in a living room on Barrow St. in Greenwich village. Jason had just moved here from California and he and Eryn would share ideas and create music to take down the street to Washington Square Park. It’s a routine that continues today. When i spoke with them to arrange a meeting, they told me, “Just drop by the park, we’ll be there playing there all day.”

I heard them from down the block. There they were under the arch. Perfect. Portrait of the artists in a New York City summer. Sink in.

More THEM at: http://5jbarrow.com/


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