I started TSNP on June 30th 2014, after a year of mentioning ‘this idea i have’ at parties and family get togethers. The idea came from European projects like La Blogotheque and Dublin’s Underground Beat, which i used to watch and say to myself “that’s what i want to do.” The performance arts are kept prisoner in the theater, locked in dark bars at late hours, small stages, behind cover charges and drink minimums for cramped texters who just want to see their friend perform and then go home.

TSNP puts art where it belongs- out in the wild. This is not your factory farmed, GMO, high-fructose shrink wrapped 7/11 Rick Rubin sandwich. Sometimes the lighting will be deplorable, sometimes the audio will sound like it’s coming out of iPhone speakers (well, it probably is…) sometimes it will all be so out of focus for so long that you will want to hurt me, emotionally, profoundly. Please don’t.

TSNP is for people who don’t want to listen to “Work” by Rihanna on repeat everywhere they go for the rest of their lives. It’s for people who believe art can make a difference, or people who at least want to try.



TSNP is brought to you by:

J.M.S. Chamberlain – Bonus Camera, Creative Support

Michal Skalski – Bonus Camera, Creative Support

Karl Schwarz – Sound Doctor

Bradman – Everything Else




  1. Great job sir.
    I will make sure to come out and see this in real life some time.

  2. thank you. your support is appreciated

  3. amazing work! “it puts art where it belongs” what a true! greetings from Colombia :))

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